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Training learners, not memorizers

Shepherd provides an academically challenging curriculum, and our students regularly outperform other schools in national tests. We emphasize the development of critical thinking skills and independent problem solving to prepare students to be leaders as they move on to high school and beyond.

Each teacher provides a personalized learning experience for their students, meeting every students unique learning styles and needs so every child can excel. Our smaller class sizes mean teachers know each students strengths and weaknesses, allowing teachers the flexibility to challenge advanced students and provide special care and instruction for those students who struggle.

Meet our staff

Core Curricula

    • English/Reading/Writing
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies/History
    • Science
    • Technology

Personalized Learning

We partner with The Nectar Group to perform assessments that help us understand a students strengths and weaknesses and identify the root cause of any learning issues. Then we create a customized plan to support your child’s learning in the way that best leverages their strengths and supports their weaknesses.

Christian Learning

While all classes at Shepherd of the Hills are taught from a biblical perspective, our mission includes teaching students the tenets of our faith and what it means to be Christians in the world today. For younger students, this means learning the fundamentals of the Bible and our relationship with God, with each other, and with the world. For middle school students, this means exploring and understanding how to be a Christian in a complex and challenging world.


In addition to the core curriculum and Christian learning, we offer additional elective classes to give students the opportunity to explore and experiment.

Elective classes

    • Theatre Arts
    • Global Events Analysis
    • Art
    • STEM
    • Music
    • Yearbook

Grade-specific Curricula

Preschool Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade
5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade P.E. Art

Other Features


At Shepherd, we believe in the benefits of physical activity and competition. Our students compete against other schools in the Denver Area Lutheran (DAL) Athletic Conference and other area schools in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track.

Believe, Belong, Become

Shepherd of the Hills Christian School is part of more than 1800 Lutheran Schools Nation-wide.  We share common activities like AR (Accelerated Reader), sports leagues,…