• Prodigy Online
  • Numeration, place value
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals
  • Factorization
  • Divisibility rules
  • Order of Operations, Solving equations
  • Ratio and proportional reasoning
  • Analyze a pattern or sequence
  • Systems of measurement
  • Geometry: basic terms, angles, polygons, 3-dimensional figures, coordinate geometry
  • Measurement:  Customary and Metric units, area, volume, perimeter, scale drawings
  • Data collection and representation: line graphs, frequency tables, stem and leaf plots
  • Mean, median, mode


  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science


  • Boolean Operators (how to search for information quickly)
  • Research and note taking skills
  • How to use technology effectively
  • Flipped Classroom (students watch a video of lesson before class)
  • Proofreading and typing skills


  • Opinion Essay
  • Informative Essay
  • Research Project
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Personal narrative


  • Gain fluency by poetry reading, speeches, and reader’s theater
  • Summarize and find main idea in text
  • Use visualization to improve reading comprehension
  • Note taking on expository text
  • Explain point of view, author’s purpose, theme, setting, plot, characters, and conflict of various texts
  • Analyze and compare different texts for literary devices
  • Make inferences
  • Analyze and write poetry
  • Make connections from text to world
  • Work on spelling skills

English Grammar

  • Capitalization and punctuation rules
  • Simple and Compound Sentences
  • Parts of Speech: noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, interjection, conjunction
  • Natural and inverted order
  • Pronouns
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Possessive nouns
  • Contractions
  • Create ‘power’ and ‘mover and shaker’ sentences to improve writing

Social Studies/Colorado History/Geography

  • The Land of Colorado
  • The Early People
  • The Pueblo Dwellers
  • The Utes
  • The Arapaho and Cheyanne
  • Explorers, Trappers and Traders
  • The Spanish Americans
  • The Gold Rush
  • The Indians Leave Colorado
  • Farming and Ranching
  • Towns and Cities
  • Good Times and Hard Times
  • Modern Times
  • Geography and Map Reading Skills

Christian Learning

  • God Blesses His Family of Believers (Creation to Isaac)
  • God Makes a People for Himself (Jacob to Ten Commandments)
  • Martin Luther and the Reformation
  • Israel in the Promised Land
  • God’s Faithfulness to His People (David to Elijah)
  • Looking for a Savior (Elisha to Coming of Wise Men)
  • Jesus Begins His Ministry
  • Jesus Teaches and Performs Miracles
  • Jesus’s Passion Week and Resurrection
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit