• Increase speed in decoding words
  • Spelling more complex words correctly
  • Read phonetically controlled stories
  • Build vocabulary
  • Alphabetize words
  • Understanding parts of speech
  • Expand reading to include authentic fiction and informational texts
  • Writing longer more structured narratives, informational texts, and opinion pieces
  • Superkids App for extra practice and interactive activities


  • Telling time and reading a clock
  • Adding and subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers
  • Adding and subtracting dollars and cents
  • Comparing fractions
  • Multiplying and dividing 2- and 3-digit numbers
  • Understanding symmetry
  • Graphing and measuring units of measurement with computer programs

Christian Learning

  • Understanding the narrative story of the Old Testament
  • Understanding the life of Jesus and the beginning of the church
  • Grow in Christ-like maturity
  • Identify themselves as a member of the body of Christ
  • Express faith in worship of God and service to others
  • Use online databases to locate verses of scripture and key words


  • Investigating the Physical Properties of Matter (Physics)
  • Observing Rocks and Minerals (Geology)
  • Investigating Forces and Work (Physics)
  • Examining Simple Machines (Physics)
  • Exploring Sound and Light (Physics)
  • Investigating Birds (Ornithology)

Social Studies/History:

  • Our Communities/Working in and Celebrating our Communities
  • Our Environment
  • Communities Build a Nation
  • U.S. Government
  • A Growing Nation