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Shepherd laid the foundation for our girls’ academic and personal success. It also solidified their faith in our Savior. They not only excelled in the classroom with Shepherd’s amazing teachers, they were taught how to love their neighbors as themselves.

Recipe for Success

Athletics at Shepherd has enabled our daughters to try and compete in multiple sports. The inter-school sports league has been great and includes similar sized schools around Metro Denver and helps the athletes forge friendships thru competition.

R. Fenstermacher

We came to Shepherd for the small class sizes and individual attention but also became part of a caring community.

S. Fenstermacher

We have four kids as Shepherd. They learn in different ways and are motivated by different things. The teachers at Shepherd take the time to teach and challenge our kids as individuals, they don’t just take a generic approach and hope it works.

Personalized Teaching

When we found Shepherd we found more than just a school – we found an extension of our family.  The teachers and staff reinforce the values we teach in our home and they truly care about our girls. We are blessed that we can send our kids to school assured that they are known and loved.

An extension of our family