Our classes are tailored to your child’s age and development. We intentionally plan learning experiences that are child focused and consider the individual child’s needs. We understand that play is the primary way children learn.

Toddlers South

18 months to 2 ½ years

Teachers – Jenniffer Wohletz and Jessica Phelps

Our toddlers range in age from 18 to 36 months. We spend our days laughing, learning how to play with others, singing, dancing to silly songs, learning about Jesus love for us, and how we share that love with others, playing outside with bubbles, sand, climbers, and water. We have lots of fun!

Toddlers North

18 months to 36 months

Teachers – Ms. Allyson and Ms. Jen

Toddler North is similar as Toddler South. We enjoy our days playing with our friends, art, singing songs, reading stories, and Jesus time. We love being silly and having fun. We love playing on our Toddler playground. We have slides and little cars. We also have a sandbox and some water play.


2 ½ to 3 years

Teachers – Madison Garcia and Angele Bruce

Each day, we enjoy making art, dancing, playing with friends, learning about Jesus, and playing outside. Throughout the year we start to learn about the alphabet, develop our social/emotional skills, and create new friendships. We have so much fun each day in our Guppies class and we hope to see your students there!

Little Lemons

3 years old

Teachers –  Chelsea Garcia and Cynthia Schallenmuller

Little Lemons offer a very busy day. Over the course of the morning, we have open centers, circle time with a calendar in English and Spanish, Jesus time, and weather. Each week we introduce a letter of the week and show and tell. We also have a special unit every few weeks that we discuss in-depth, such as Pets, pumpkins, and apples, etc. The children in the Little Lemons class learn social, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills while in our classroom.

Busy Bugs

Pre-K, 4-5 years old

Teacher – Julie Ropte

In the Busy Bug’s class, we do lots of creative, hands-on activities in the enrichment centers such as math, science, dramatic play, gross motor, fine motor, literacy, and art.


JrK, 4 ½ years and up

Teachers – Elisha Heck

This classroom is designed to prepare children for a kindergarten classroom environment, with six focused learning areas to further skill development. In Junior Kindergarten learning experiences include science, social studies, the arts, literacy, math, and social development.

Before and After School Care – B.A.S.E. Camp

2 ½ years to 12 years

Teachers – Susan Bredehoeft and Katie Sivak

Basecamp is for children ranging 2 ½ years old to 12 years and is offered every day from 3:15 PM to 6:00 PM. In Basecamp, students get to interact with a mixed group of children that they might not typically get to spend time with during the day because they are in different classes / age groups. Younger students learn from their older peers and older students get to be role models and many enjoy helping their younger friends – especially older siblings! We typically have an art activity or themed books for children to choose from that rotate throughout the year as well as our centers. Dramatic play and the science area are favorites! We serve snacks and have at least thirty minutes of gross motor playtime every day. We cannot wait to see you children there!